Almost there

I am almost there… There where I wanted to be 20 years ago when I finally decided that the way I was living back then was not the way to continue. I was fat, out of shape, stressed, excessively drinking, overeating and generally unhappy.

Two years before that I had finally managed to quit smoking and had gained 17 kg on top of my already overweight body for a total of 112 kg at 1,80m. How could this be? I was lost. I was in my early thirties and had already given up on the idea of being slim and fit ever again.

I had never been a runner although I had tried at various occasions throughout my teens and twenties, with newly bought running shoes every time I started. Usually I gave up after 3 to 4 tries.

I loved eating and drinking, preferably in excess amounts. Spending much of my time on airplanes and in hotels because of my success in the international Telecom industry, there was always plenty of food and alcohol around. That felt good. At least for a moment, at least for that day.

What did not feel good was my body. And neither did it look good. I still remember buying a pair of board shorts at the beach on a Caribbean island. Nothing in my size looked good on me. I felt ashamed. Especially being there with friends that had known me from a different time in my life not so long before – a time when I still looked young and attractive.

A year later or so I had found a magic button. One that I was familiar with. One that I had used before and one that enabled me to finally quit smoking, after so many tries. I re-found that button and started running again. And at last something ‘clicked’. I started losing weight rapidly and just 18 months after finding that magic button again I ran the New York Marathon, weighing 25 kg less. I had transformed myself into an athlete!

This was 1998. In recent years I was able to use the button many more times and found keys that unlocked new versions of me that I could never have imagined. And although I have hit my head against a few more walls in the meantime, back then I would never have believed I could be where I am today. Never in my wildest of dreams.

Today I am a sponsored Ironman triathlete at age 53. Feeling, being and looking more fit than ever before in my life. I am one step away of where I want to be. And that is exactly what my new company Running with the Boss is all about.

As for the magic button – we all have it. It is immensely powerful and once understood we can create changes in our lives that we did not think were possible for us. Keep following my blog and I will explain what that magic button is and where to find it.

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